AfterPay Australian Fashion Week and 1 Epic Styling Suite

AfterPay Australian Fashion Week and 1 Epic Styling Suite

It's that time of year again!… AfterPay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) is back after a year of hibernation! With anticipation at great heights, this year’s shows have not disappointed. There have been pops of colour and creativity in abundance, and street style ranging from sleek and minimal to exaggerated over-the-top goodness.


Christopher Esber, St Agni and Manning Cartell are just some of the Australian designers that graced this year’s fashion week, but it wasn’t just the clothes that drew attention this year, it was the attendees.

Not too far away from the show, GHD set up an impeccable styling suite which proved to be the go-to place to touch up your mane before hitting the show at Sydney’s Carriageworks. It was also the home of an epic lineup of our very own Crystal Full Length Mirrors, brightening up the space and creating perfect mirror-selfie moments for all those who were lucky enough to enter! The suite was filled with hair experts and their trusted GHD hair tools in hand, ready to tame the mane of those who popped in for a treatment.


GHD’s creative artist/ Queen of hair, Natalie Anne is part of this year’s backstage team, and did not disappoint with her bold transformations – turning Martha’s original bob into a long, flowing ponytail with slicked back flapper-esque sides and Sammy Robinson’s already gorgeous locks into textured mermaid waves.  


The GHD styling suite was also visited by some smaller influencers, and we don’t mean by follower count… Sister duo and kidfluencers Mia and Tatiana, (AKA @MiaXTati) exited the suite with their matching runway ready looks, and GHD styled hairstyles – slicked back buns – ready to take on Australian Fashion Week!

While the suite saw lots of foot traffic with beauties entering and exiting all week long, it was the permanent residents that we think deserve a bit of attention! 4 of our very own Crystal Full-Length Vanity Mirrors were lined up against large panel windows, forming centre-stage at GHD's styling suite. With a crystal encased LED edge illuminating the show-stopping hairstyles, it proved to be the perfect selfie moment.

Want to transform your own beauty nook or studio salon to mimic GHD's styling suite? You can find out more about our Crystal Full-Length mirror here!