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Australia’s Leading Makeup Mirror Collection

What makes a high quality makeup mirror?

So you’re looking for the best lighted makeup mirror and wondering what justifies the price difference between them all? Why, I thought you’d never ask. Let’s break this down for you. But firstly, what even is a makeup mirror and why might you need one?

A lighted makeup mirror doesn’t just look good in your space - they can be equally functional, save you time getting ready and help with makeup applications. Mirror features vary and you may find some with in-built power ports to easily charge your hair tools as you get ready, USB ports to charge your phone, in-built speakers and even temperature options.

When doing your research in finding your perfect makeup mirror, we recommend:

  • Looking at the finish of the mirror and what materials are used. ETOILE crystal makeup mirrors feature glass panels throughout to ensure the highest quality finish. Glass panels are more scratch resistant than a material like aluminium and also results in a more luxurious finish
  • Long range vs short range bluetooth speakers. All ETOILE makeup mirrors feature long-range speakers to ensure you can travel up to 10 metres with your device, without fear of it disconnecting
  • If you are looking for an LED mirror, brightness can differ significantly. All ETOILE LED mirrors are equipped with double LED strips and feature the highest lumen count AKA brightest crystal mirrors within Australia
  • Length and extent of warranty. At ETOILE, we offer a 5-year limited warranty across our entire range of makeup mirrors (that’s the longest you’ll find in Australia)!

Spice up your beauty room and getting-ready routine with a makeup mirror with lights. If you’re getting ready in dull, dark lighting that’s left you walking out the door with lines and patches more than once, we’re determined to fix that and get you back on track to a flawless finish.

How? Via our range of LED makeup mirrors that do more than just look good. With in-built power outlets, USB ports, copper free glass, bluetooth speakers, three-tone temperatures and more. Rest assured that you’re getting the very best in the makeup mirror department. 

Our mirrors simulate natural lighting better than the next best. So don’t fret if you don’t have an east-facing bedroom, we’ll still provide that beautiful morning sunshine ☀️

An Etoile Collective makeup mirror with lighting (one of our top rated makeup mirrors)

What are the different types of makeup mirrors?

There are many types of mirrors that are suitable for doing your makeup in front of:

  • Desk mirrors - If you’re just starting to create your beauty space and hesitant to dive straight into the deep end with a large mirror setup, then this is for you. Think of it as a try before you buy option! These mirrors tend to be a lot smaller in size, mightn’t include the extensive features including power ports and speakers but also come at a much more palatable price tag! 
  • Portable compact mirrors - Designed to come with you on your travels, these are mirrors that are travel friendly, lightweight, compact and give you great lighting on the go.
  • Large makeup mirrors - These are the mirrors with the brightest illumination, the most extensive feature list and the most glam of them all!

We Take the Risk Out of Shopping for Your Makeup Mirror

We totally get it. Shopping for an illuminated makeup mirror online can be scary. What if it breaks during transit? What if the quality isn’t there and it stops working in 6 months? How do I know I’m getting the real deal?! Here are some FAQs that you should give a faq about when you’re in the market for the best makeup mirror in Australia: 

  1. Warranty?

The longest in Australia actually! All our large makeup mirrors include a 5-year limited warranty and free comprehensive transit insurance. Damage on its way to you? That's on us! 

  1. What if my mirror breaks during transit?

We'd never leave you out to dry. If anything comes broken, damaged, not working as expected, we'll get a replacement to you and also take on all shipping costs involved. Don’t worry though, we invest in thick cardboard packaging, high quality and environmentally friendly EPE foam and steel corner protectors to prevent anything from happening in the first place.

  1. Am I getting #THEREALDEAL with you guys?

There's only one way to find out. But we'll tell you this: we have and never will cut corners on quality. We appreciate that these are electrical goods and have invested in the highest quality raw materials so that they last. 

You've heard our mantra? Made with love, designed with precision and built to last. No, it's not just a marketing slogan. We really really mean it.

Took us a very long time to find the perfect mirror for this space @whitehouse.in.the.valley

This means we use copper-free glass so our mirrors are more resistant to any chemicals it can come in contact with and less likely to cause rust / black marks on the edges due to oxidisation. We've made sure to include the correct-voltage drivers within all our mirrors so that they are not overpowering when in use. 

Yes, this means you're getting The Real Deal. ✌️

Need inspiration? Take a peep inside some of our favourite beauty spaces with makeup mirrors

Meet our Inside The Beauty Space series: An intimate video series where we take you inside the beauty space of some of our favourite people (who also happen to have the most beautiful makeup mirror setups).

Hear from customers, makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, business owners and more who choose to get ready with a lighted makeup mirror to 1) ensure they can have the best makeup application even in the darkest of Winter mornings 2) feel good whilst they get ready in a beautiful space 3) save time by having all the essential features built directly into their mirror.

Inside The Beauty Space Episode 4 with Matilda Murray - Beauty enthusiast and co-owner of STAX

Additional Cool Things You Should Know

Located in a Melbourne metropolitan area? Well, we’ve got good news. Order before 2pm and have your makeup mirror or hollywood mirror delivered within 4 hours. Really. We’ll be there in a jiffy. 

Payment options? Definitely. Shop Australia’s largest range of makeup mirrors with Afterpay and Zippay. 

Still reading? We’re impressed. If we haven’t answered your question, live chat or email us. We’re always lurking around and will get back to your enquiry ASAP.