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Makeup Beauty Boxes: Take Care of Your Beauty Properly

We’re big fans of beauty. And everything that comes with it; rougey lips, glowing cheeks, bushy brows, curly bangs, winged eyes, contoured temples, lashes on lashes. Seems like you feel the same way. If you’re like us, and have a makeup collection that rivals that of anyone else you know, a beauty box where everything has a place may be the answer to your vanity-mess. Shop our beauty box makeup organisers to end your makeup madness.

Storage for Your Vanity Table: Makeup Boxes

Don’t have enough drawer storage? Overflowing amounts of makeup and skincare products? Etoile Collective makeup storage boxes are a great hack to extra drawers for your vanity table, and make for a beautiful home to your palettes, foundations, creams, lipsticks and the rest of it. You know what we’re talking about. 😉

Here are our makeup storage box solutions:

    • Tiered pull-out beauty boxes for the beauty gurus
    • Multi-purpose spinning storage towers for 360 degree access
    • Open tiered units for free-standing products

Made of Strong Lucite Acrylic

All Etoile makeup organisers are made of a high-grade and polished lucite acrylic. WTH does that mean? Well, funny you asked. Because we have done a lot of research into different acrylic materials. Lucite acrylic is resistant to harsh sun exposure and will keep its crystal transparency for longer, hence reducing any ‘dull’ and faded appearances over time.

Largest Beauty Box in Australia

Yep, that’s right. We’re proud to be home to Australia’s largest beauty box: Ultimate Vanity Glam Beauty Box, measuring almost 40cm in width and depth. Caution: It takes A LOT to be able to fill out this bad boy. And if you can, we may need to befriend you 👯

Browse our collection of makeup beauty boxes. Get in touch with the Étoile Collective team if you have any questions: