Best Ring Light for Makeup Artists, Photographers and Content Creators

Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18" Luxe LED Best Ring Light in Australia. Professional lighted selfie ring light to create perfect images.

In November last year, we were absolutely thrilled to finally launch the Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18” Luxe LED Ring Light and IlluminateMe LED Selfie Ring Light!

For professional makeup and hair artists, YouTubers, photographers, and video editors alike, a high quality ring light can make all the difference to produce beautiful, glowing imagery and capture details that dull lighting may miss.

In the past 3 years, makeup freelancing has become increasingly competitive. With thousands of talented artists either graduating from beauty school or self-teaching, growing your client base is not as easy as it once was.

With almost every artist marketing their business through Instagram, images need to be high-quality to maintain and attract clients. Without a doubt, natural lighting is the preferred source of light. However, a lot of the time we are restricted by time of day, location and angle. 2nd best option? A high-quality LED ring light! Here’s why and the benefits of using a ring light:

  • Eliminate Harsh Shadows
  • Evenly distributed Lighting
  • Accurate reflection of colours
  • Flattering close-ups

  • If you’re in Australia and currently on the hunt for a high quality and well priced ring light, we would recommend this baby, our newest professional LED ring light. Loved and adored by makeup professionals, photographers and content creators, this tool is an investment that will generate returns for so many years to come.

  • Our IlluminateMe 18” Luxe LED Ring Light comes with:

    • 1x 18" Luxe LED Ring Light
    • 1x Etoile Collective canvas carry bag
    • 1x Double-sided mirror (standard and 3x magnified)
    • 1x Smartphone and camera bracket (adaptable for all phones)
    • 1x 2M adjustable leg stands
    • 12 month warranty

    What makes this so unique?

    • Easy to use dials to accurately control brightness and temperature
    • Up to 6 mounting positions to hold a camera, mirror or smartphone
    • Comes with all the tools (phone bracket, any adapters and mirror) needed so you can set up and go
    • And finally… stable legs ***We cannot stress the importance of this! Our product team had trialled 6 different ring light legs, 4 of which were so unstable when set up and caused the entire ring light to fall… imagine that happening when you had a client in the chair!
    • Convenient carry on case with shoulder strap and pockets for the accessories

    How to set up the Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18” Luxe LED Ring Light and start taking better quality images for your makeup artistry business or content?

    1. Expand the legs to your desired position noting that the further spread out they are, the more stable they will become

    Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18" Luxe LED Australian Ring Light

    2. Depending on how tall you would like the ring light, unscrew the top and second notches slightly to extend the middle pole

    Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18" Luxe LED Australian Ring Light

    3. Remove the black nozzle from the top of the ring light which will expose the silver screw

    Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18" Luxe LED Australian Ring Light

    4. Pop the ring light over the top until the silver screw is fully covered and tighten the screw on the left of the ring light (when facing the front of the ring light)

    Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18" Luxe LED Australian Ring Light

    5. Attach the cord onto the back of the ring light and you’re set to go!

    Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18" Luxe LED Australian Ring Light

    How much does a ring light cost?

    Our IlluminateMe 18" Luxe LED Ring Light retails for $350. However, with Australian ring lights costing up to $550, it is certainly a hefty investment so please conduct thorough research before purchasing as most of the time, there is little to no difference between one and another. For those who have made the purchase, I’m sure you have been amazed with the quality of your images and have been making your clients glow!

    If you have any questions about ring lights, or we can help in anyway, please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at

    For new and growing artists, we also have our PRO Artist Starter Kit which includes our ring light, our best-selling PRO Artist Trolley Travel Case and PRO Artist Essential Travel Kit.

    Happy glowing babes! X