Everything You Need to Know about Makeup Chairs

Everything You Need to Know about Makeup Chairs

Listen up! Boy do we have something exciting in store for you, and we know you’re going to love it! Our new chair range has been specially developed and brought to life due to an outpour of customer demand – our DM’s were flooded and our live chats beeping every minute to the tune of “makeup chairs?”, so we had to make it happen. In order to ensure you’re choosing the right one, we’re going to break this down for you. So… let’s dive into how you can choose the perfect makeup chair for your space.

First things first.

What is a makeup or vanity chair?

A makeup chair is one of the more underrated inclusions in your vanity room or space - just as important as your table or mirror (but it doesn’t get as much attention!). This is the seat that either you, or your client, or your best friend will find themselves sitting on for extended periods of time, so it is important to make sure you’ve chosen the best one to suit your space, and your needs. 

Vanity chairs come in a range of sizes, heights, and shapes - tall, short, some with backrests, others with footrests etc. It’s just about figuring out your needs and purchasing accordingly, and this is what we’re here to help with!

Sure you can have makeshift chairs - grab a dining chair, sit on a suitcase, you may even be able to sit on a pile of clothes. But purposefully selecting a vanity chair for your getting-ready space, one that is comfortable to sit on and easy on the eye can be the finishing piece to your space. And if you haven’t already heard, our philosophy is that the space around you, including your process to getting ready and unready for the day, is crucial to ensuring you get greater enjoyment from your favourite activities.

How tall should a makeup chair be?

When deciding how tall your chair should be, there are two things to take into consideration; your space, and the purpose of your vanity chair.

For a vanity table with a mirror placed on top, we recommend choosing a chair with a seat height of approximately 40-50cm, this way your legs will have ample space under the table for ultimate comfort when applying your makeup. 

If you require a chair for applying makeup to client’s faces, generally done with the artist standing directly in front, we recommend a directors chair with the seat height ranging from approximately 70-75 cm.

We have received feedback from makeup artist customers that this is the perfect range to ensure that clients are sitting comfortably, with their faces sitting just a bit below yours, but not too short/tall enough that the MUA is craning their neck to apply makeup  - 

a must when you’re already feeling the discomfort on your feet all day!

With our range of tall makeup chairs, we’ve also ensured that the seat is extra deep and extra wide to ensure comfort for all clients.

Who needs a makeup chair?

Based on the factors above, the style of chair is suited to different purposes. The vanity chairs that will be placed under vanity tables are most compatible with beauty gurus, and makeup lovers who are looking for the perfect chair to use in their beauty nook!

Meanwhile, our director style chairs are popular amongst artists working out of a salon, and our new range of styles are sure to suit your space!

How much is a vanity chair? 

This can vary significantly across different styles, sizes and types of chairs. As we mentioned, a vanity chair is a super important part of your space, and if chosen wisely, can prove to be an investment, becoming a permanent fixture in your space for years to come.

To ensure that your chair lasts a lifetime, optimal levels of durability, comfort and quality are a must, and these are reflected in the price of your chair. Depending on the size/ material used, we recommend paying between $150 and $400, as any lower than this may mean you’re compromising on quality and therefore, comfort and safety of you and your clients.

How to choose the best makeup chair?

The best way to choose a makeup chair is to evaluate your needs, wants and desires with regard to aesthetic, height and functionality factors. Lucky for you, we have a range of styles to suit each and every need, and we have you covered for the more boring stuff… durability, ergonomics and quality, so you can tick those off the list! We leave you here with the fun part.


We just couldn’t find a chair that had it all – style, functionality AND durability – but now we’ve found them (made them, more like!), and we are so excited to share. So we’re here to tell you that after much work and development, these beauties are ready to begin their rightful journey home to you, and we cannot wait to see them brightening and lifting your spaces, just as they have ours!

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