Hello Personalised Makeup Bags! 👋 And! Monogramming Now Available!

Hello Personalised Makeup Bags! 👋 And! Monogramming Now Available!

If you haven’t heard, last Sunday, we finally (really, it's been a looong time coming), launched our monogramming service along with an all new cosmetic case. You know what that means - you will now be able to personalise your beauty kit by adding a unique touch. Add up to 3 letters and we'll monogram in a beautiful gold or silver foil, or without any colour.

Bringing this to life has certainly had it's challenges. From researching a machine and waiting for it to be custom made, to looking for an expert monogrammer who knew how to operate it in all its glory - because we certainly didn't (hey Cindy 👋), to then be hit by COVID which meant we couldn't shoot our campaign in Melbourne.

No stress, we thought 💁 We'll just have the whole shoot done remotely from Sydney.

Come shoot day, we were very apprehensive. At home (in Melbourne), twiddling our thumbs, waiting for BTS shots and *praying* it would turn out okay.

It looked a little something like this and safe to say, we think they are more than okay.


And The Cases Themselves...

They're cute, equally functional and would love to be in your bathroom. Extra perks include:

  • New Custom Divider Mould: We've re-engineered our signature dividers so they now lock into place. This means they are sturdier and will keep in place even when you're on the move. PS. Yes, this does mean that you can now pack your makeup, skincare & toiletries and rest assured that your bronzer doesn't end up in the eyeshadow section
  • Smooth AF Zippers: You'll thank us later for this
  • Transparent Front: Take a rapid glance to see what you've packed
  • Large Range: 3 sizes, 2 colours (including our newest Blush colourway - real cute, isn't it?)


That's it! We hope you love the range as much as we enjoyed designing it.

Browse the entire monogramming range here.