We Held Our First Event: Blows, Brows & Bloody Good Lighting!

We Held Our First Event: Blows, Brows & Bloody Good Lighting!

They say that good things come to those who wait, (and those who hustle😉 ) and boy is that true when it comes to our celebrations for the three must-haves…. Blows, Brows and Bloody good lighting!

2020 was the year of cancellations and postponements, and our event was no exception... but damn did the 2021 aftermath go off with a bang after being a year in the making. We were delighted to see the finer details come to life and tying the event together seamlessly: Everything from the jaw-dropping floral installations by @prettylittlepinkbook that filled the room, to the ultra delish (COVID-19 friendly) grazing boats, to the sticker decals created by @lizedesigns. We are in awe of all the creatives and it's thanks to them that the much anticipated event went off without a hitch.

With The Blow providing beautiful locks, Benefit Cosmetics on the brows and Etoile with the Bloody Good Lighting, we made the ultimate dream team. We had fabulous ladies filling the room one-by-one, making their way from the hairdressing chair where they were pampered with fresh wavy locks, to a seat with Benefit’s National Brow Artist - ready to go with their tweezers, and finally to the best lit corner in town (courtesy of us, duh!) And boy did it make for a perfect photo opportunity. 

What was on show that night?

  • Our small but powerful Selfie Ring Lights
  • The Dream Vanity Mirrors were placed on each bench and provided that extra glow when you wanted to get up and close
  • At every corner, we placed either our 18” Ring Light or Multi-Glow Duo light which illuminated the room with so much light

And no word of a lie, at every corner we heard, "Okay the lighting is actually so good".