How to best pack makeup for travel?

How to best pack makeup for travel?

Keeping your makeup organised while you travel? These Makeup Bags and Cosmetic Cases are the best travel buddies regardless of your kit size.

Have you recently been packing for a night away, a long holiday or a full day of makeup appointments and wondered if there was a more effective and organised way you could be storing your makeup and toiletries? Whether your makeup routine is stripped down to just the basics or you own a trunk full of products, it’s time to fulfil those 2019 makeup and skincare travel organisation goals!

Late last year, Etoile Collective launched their new range of travel products designed for both personal and professional use. Regardless of where you sit on the no-makeup to full-yas-makeup-queen spectrum, the makeup travel organisation collection includes bags of every size, every purpose, every price point and caters to all.

The smaller bags are made of nylon fabric, super lightweight and feature a clear frame so you can avoid digging around to find that small brow gel or lipstick. If your makeup collection size is above average, few of the bags feature lots of compartments to separate your palettes from compacts and lipsticks from foundations. If you’re even further down the spectrum and have an arsenal of makeup products that you can’t leave the house without, or are a makeup / hair artist, the collection also features 2 products that were designed for maximum storage with minimum weight.

Let’s look at them in detail. Here is the full collection :)


For those who opt for the basics and keep a tight collection of products. Or you could be a makeup fein and prefer to separate your kit by bulk-purchasing smaller pouches. We’re obsessed with these transparent bags as you’ll be able to quickly find exactly what you need.

Etoile Collective Clear Makeup Travel Pouches

  1. Canvas Mini Pouch
  2. Clear Circular Holder LG
  3. Canvas Twin Pouch
  4. Clear On the Go Travel Case LG
  5. Clear Circular Holder SM
  6. Clear On the Go Travel Case SM


Makeup and travel bags to satisfy your inner OCD. Compartmentalise your kit and have a section for everything.

Etoile Collective Cosmetic Travel Cases

  1. Cosmetic Travel Case Large
  2. Cosmetic Travel Case Medium


Etoile Collective PRO MUA Travel Kits and Cases

  1. PRO Artist Essential Travel Kit
  2. PRO Artist Trolley Travel Case