Leave Dull Lighting Behind: Why our IlluminateMe Ring Light is an Industry Fave

Leave Dull Lighting Behind: Why our IlluminateMe Ring Light is an Industry Fave

It’s no secret that terrible lighting can literally make or break a photo. If you’ve ever finished perfecting a client’s makeup to 10/10 standards, only for that fleeky highlight and luminous glow to fall dull and flat when captured behind the lens?

Luckily for you, we’ve got the solution to your problems, designed to make that eyeshadow pop and that cut-crease given the credit deserves. With one simple non-cosmetic addition to your makeup kit, your work will start blowing clients, potential clients, and industry leaders away.

Welcome, The IlluminateMe 18" Luxe Led Ring Light. It provides salon-grade lighting to any setting, no matter how dark or light, and beauty professionals, Youtubers, photographers and out-right beauty junkies that love a selfie are falling head over heels for our little beauty.

If you want Photoshopped-looking photos of yourself and your clients all day every day, keep reading for the reasons why it's loved, and why you need one too.

Versatile Lighting & Temperature Options

So, when it comes to taking a selfie or an amazing close up of your client’s hair or makeup, why wouldn’t you want even illumination and an extra glow? Since you’ll want to be posting images of your work on your Instagram feed, this product is the ideal addition to your creative needs. Featuring dials that control both brightness and temperature, you can adapt to your natural setting in both warm and cool temperatures.

Ring lights are known help to remove facial shadows, blemishes, and give you that Kardashian glow we all dream of.

Keep your Phone & Camera Connected

It’s 2019 after all, and that means wanting to be connected to our gadgets and iPhones at all times, right? That’s where we come in, delivering the goods! The extra additions that come with this product are what give it its truly glowing reviews. With a smartphone bracket and a wireless Bluetooth shutter that connects to your iPhone or Android device, meaning you can take photos and videos totally hands-free.

Check out the video below from one of our favourite beauty babes, influencer and youtuber, Amea May. Once you watch her unbox her ring light, we’re pretty sure it’ll be your next obsession.

Additional Perks for Flawless Photos

Our ring light comes in a lightweight Etoile Collective canvas carry bag, perfect for busy days where you’re going from one appointment to another. Another perk that every beauty lover and MUA will appreciate is the inclusion of a double-sided mirror where one size is standard, and the other is 3x magnified.

Doing your makeup and want to film it? Perfect. Whether you want to tweeze, apply lashes on or any other intricate makeup tricks, the ring light included 6 mounting positions for the mirror too.

Tilt the ring light to your desired angle and produce beautiful flat lays as a content creator, or illuminous videos as a Youtuber. Whether you’re a professional or simply a lover of all things beauty related, there’s a reason why The IlluminateMe 18" Luxe Led Ring Light is an industry lust-have product.