10 Creative Makeup Storage Ideas by Beauty Bloggers for 2024

9 Creative Makeup Storage Ideas by Beauty Bloggers for 2021

There is certainly no shortage of makeup storage ideas on the internet. And there’s also plentiful DIY storage hacks and proclaimed articles that promise to keep your beauty room tidy forever. The reality: it takes a very disciplined person to keep their getting-ready space consistently organised. 

We know the feeling of getting ready in a rush, leaving lipsticks uncapped and palettes and compacts open, all too well. And whilst we have a large array of makeup organisers for your vanity table or on-the-go solutions, we thought we would turn to our brilliant community. After chatting to a few dozen makeup lovers and beauty influencers, we found patterns in the best ways to stay organised. Here’s what we discovered:

1. Good For: Skincare enthusiasts

Solution: A spinning skincare organiser with a high bottom tier for taller sprays

As shown by: The Roject 

Dubbed "my fave new gadget" by skinfluencer Roj herself: our very own Skincare Holder!

If your current setup means you've got product hidden behind one another in a 30cm deep drawer and reaching for one at the back means you've got to knock over the front line-up, then this product was designed for you! 

This two-tier Skincare Holder will change your skincare and getting-ready game. With a simple 360 degree spin, you’ll have access to all your products, all visible and easy to reach - saving you time usually spent digging in drawers, and precious space!

Made of thick lucite acrylic with a 5cm high barrier on both levels, your products are going to love it's new home.

2. Good For: The Ultimate Beauty Gurus

Solution: Drawer Dividers

As shown by: Rowi Singh

Is it just us? Or does Rowi’s jaw-dropping collection and striking setup make you also want to get organised, like, now? 

Storage units sell us the dream: “Get organised!” “Keep things off your table and in your drawers!” What they don’t mention is how quickly things can turn south. Sooner than we’d like (and we’re sure someone reading this can relate!), we open our drawers to utter chaos. Lids have fallen off, products that we always use have crept to the back and forgotten about. Compacts are stacked upon more compacts. Oh, there’s random eyelashes floating around too! 

Incoming: Acrylic Makeup Storage Dividers 🦸 Your next best friend if you’re facing one or all aforementioned issues. 

Best of all? Our custom-made dividers fit like a glove in the notorious IKEA Alex Drawers, with removable internal dividers that’ll create any sized compartment you’re after. From foundation, to blush or your single eyeshadows, there is a divider or tray to fit them in, preventing that drawer explosion and confusion you might be facing. 🤯 

Rowi Singh shows how easily you can slip these dividers into the IKEA Alex Drawers, making it super easy to organise all of your makeup, as well as facing it the right way so the shade name is the first thing you read. Outcome: you can now make your makeup routine feel like a breeze even when you are spoilt for choice. Plus, there’s no denying, these filled drawers with dividers are #oddlysatisfying.


Products featured: Alex Drawer Dividers 42cm, Alex Lipstick Dividers 42cm, Alex Foundation Dividers 42cm, Alex 9 Drawer Super Kit (to fill the entire unit of your Alex 9 Drawers)

3. Good For: Storing A Lot of Product In a Confined Space

Solution: Beauty Box

As shown by: Georgina Neves

If you’re someone who’s tight on space and works or studies on the same table that you also get ready with, don’t panic! You’re going to live for this makeup desk storage idea. 

This beauty box is your next ride or die and it’s so big – in the best way. You can slide it into an area on your desk or table and not have to worry about sacrificing too much room, woo! They also fit literally everything and anything, making such a pretty statement for your makeup on any desk area, just look at them!

Adelaide-based Makeup artist Georgina Neves explains how huge these really are and that they’re perfect for in the salon she works from and we can trust her on that.

Products featured: Ultimate Vanity Glam Beauty Box

4. Good For: Non-Mobile Makeup Artists 

Solution: Trays To Display Your Collection

As shown by: Tanielle Jai

Want to fulfil the goal of having those jaw-dropping makeup wardrobes you see on Instagram and Pinterest? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. 

Tanielle Jai MUA on Instagram shows us her beautifully organised makeup room filled with every makeup product you could think of. And yes, acrylic makeup storage doesn't stop at your traditional lipstick tray. If you look closely, there are several different compartments and sizes to fit anything, from your compacts to your foundations bottles, who knew! 

And if you’re wanting to take your Pinterest board goals to the next level, a super easy tip to have your beauty wardrobe flow with the eye is to match all of your organisers. Tanielle previously had her makeup in mismatched tubs and also admitted to struggling when digging for the right product and look, we’ve all been there.

So, not only are the acrylic organisers super convenient for the home studio makeup artist, but consider them an art piece for your clients to adore, just like how we are head over heels for it too. 

Products featured: Alex Foundation Tray, Small 8 Compact Holder, Medium 8 Compact Holder 


5. Good For: Those Who Are Tired of Losing Products To the Back of Their Drawers

Solution: Drawers That Pull Out (All The Way)

As shown by: Yours Truly

If you’re like us, assembling flatpack furniture will forever be the bane of our existence...  

Easy makeup storage ideas like a ready-to-use, fully assembled drawer at your doorstep is a luxury. And luckily enough, is actually possible 😏

So get ready to say goodbye to those flat packs that take up your whole day trying to put together and hello to this beautiful 5 drawer unit with glamorous exteriors. But if you think life couldn't get any easier, these drawers pull all the way out 

This vanity is the gateway to making the most out of all of your beauty products, ensuring that nothing gets left behind at the back. Plus, we all know that feeling of reaching into the back of our drawers and trying to guess which product is which, as well as stretching our arm out way too far for comfort! Ouch!

Products featured: Ava 5-Drawer Vanity Unit

6. Good For: Keeping Your Brushes Germ-and-Dust-Free

Solution: Brush Holders With a Lid

As shown by: Dee (Sydney Style Blogger)

Do you store your brushes in a brush belt and waste your time opening that belt, while pulling out brushes you need and then putting them back in again? It’s not ideal and it’s even a headache to think about. 

This is such an easy step of storing your brushes if you’re still wanting that added protection but without the hassle. So, if you’re after makeup brush storage ideas, Dee from Sydney Style Blogger shows us her solution: a brush holder with a lid. Who would’ve thought?

 It’s also not just about protecting your beautiful tools, the dust and germ particles in the air of your home (even if we can't exactly see it) fall directly onto the bristles of our brushes. Leading to those same particles getting trapped into our skin and pores. Yeah, it’s not pretty and our skin totally deserves better, right?!

Products featured: 3XL Brush Holder with Lid

7. Good For: Organising Your Bathroom Cabinet

Solution: The Classic Beauty Box 

As shown by: A⁴ Co.

Now, we’re all loud and proud about our shelfie game, but what about the bottom of our bathroom cabinets? It’s easy to get lazy about our bathroom cabinets, considering how awkwardly sized the cabinets can be in comparison to our small beauty products.  

Ayshe, a professional organiser uses the transparent 5 tier-drawer beauty box. They are such an easy makeup storage idea for these kinds of spaces. They will spice up your bathroom cabinet just enough to help you organise all your daily beauty + skincare needs, as well as make it look more enticing!

Products featured: Classic Beauty Box

8. Good For: Housing Your Favourites

Solution: Create An Aesthetic Shelfie

As shown by: Yours Truly 

When putting products back onto our shelves, whether it be in the bedroom or bathroom, we tend to stack products on the top of each other and we hate to admit it, but we leave some of our products at the very back to forever be forgotten about. This leads to product wastage, and even a lack of fulfilment when you go to your shelf and it’s not being beautifully organised. Thankfully, makeup storage ideas for small spaces like our shelves are a great solution.

You want to be able to walk into the space you do your beauty regime in to be inspirational and beautiful, that way you can get the best out of your routine. Something as simple as a multiple tier acrylic organisers can save the day. That way, all those products that you have worked hard for and once wanted to have so badly, can finally have their time to shine, yay!

Products featured: EC Beauty Holder, Double Tier Beauty Cube, Large 8 Compact Holder

9. Good For: Organisation-On-The-Go

Solution: A Large Cosmetic Travel Case

As shown by: Cassandra Lusi

Any beauty guru or makeup artist can only wish that they can bring their entire makeup collection onto a plane, to then sit next to them on the beach for their next holiday. Reality is, we don’t want to be dragging around our 10 different toiletries bags that only fit a hand full of products in each one!  

A lesson learned early on: Condense! Condense! Condense! 

Cassandra Lusi, Aussie Hair & Makeup Artist, is always traveling for clients across the globe (what a dream!) and shows us how a travel case with dividers that keeps everything organised is the ultimate makeup storage idea. 

The star of the show in these travel cases are the zip pockets and removable dividers. They allow you to really compact those delicate powders or glass bottles so they’re not flying around and waiting for a disaster to happen. Plus they come in small, medium or large, depending on how many things you need to pack for your next getaway. 

Products featured: Large Cosmetic Travel Case: Black

10. Good For: Brush Organisation 

Solution: A PRO MUA Brush Bag

As shown by: Kimi Doll Mua + Bri Wright

Working on a bride on her wedding day or being on set at a photoshoot can be as stressful as it sounds. You can be as organised as you think with your travel kit makeup bag but the thing is, these jobs are often making you get on your feet and running from one spot to another! 

This is why something like a shoulder strap bag that has customisable acrylic inserts exists. A place where you can pop your must-haves that are constantly on the go, as well as those little nifty products like an eyelash glue or a cotton tip, that are often misplaced on set from carrying too many tools in your hand from one side of a room to another. These bags are a no-brainer and truly are a makeup storage hack.

Products featured: PRO MUA Brush Bag

Thanks to our community of beauty bloggers and makeup professionals for taking part and for sharing their top creative makeup storage ideas. We have linked to their Instagram accounts so you can follow them if you’re ever in need of more makeup palette storage ideas, and plenty more.