MUA Secrets: The Best Lighting for Makeup Applications

MUA Secrets: The Best Lighting for Makeup Applications

Have you ever left the house thinking your makeup is flawlessly blended, only to catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and find it’s kind of blotchy or discoloured? It happens to the best of us and quite often, the sub-par lighting in our bedrooms or bathrooms are the primary culprit. Unfortunately, if your lighting setup isn’t quite right, no amount of YouTube tutorials is going to save you!

For camera-ready results, makeup artists know that only brilliant lighting will do. Achieve even coverage every time when you add professional lighting solutions to your routine. Whether you’re a makeup fanatic who likes to explore new face creations, or you’re an MUA that wants to offer the best results to their client, this is for you.

A Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Look the part and feel the part with the classic vanity mirror, for a chic update to any dressing room. Studded with classic LED bulbs around the edge, there’s more to this product than just aesthetics; it’s also the perfect piece for flawless applications. This perfect mix of contemporary and retro adds glamour to your dressing room, and the lights highlight all your best features and offer an even glow.

The daylight white lighting is adjustable, for use at any time of the day. The Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror from Etoile Collective makes getting ready for the main event even more fun!

A Light-Up Phone Case

Need to touch up your lipstick on-the-go or is your Instagram page crying out for a new selfie? Add some glow to your phone with a phone case that’s designed just for that. Your secret weapon for getting the perfect shot, this little trick gives a soft, flattering lighting wherever you are, so you can apply your makeup even in dimly-lit places.

LED Ring Light

Makeup artists all over the world are going crazy for ring lights - and for good reason. Their unique doughnut-shaped design offers even lighting that isn’t concentrated in the middle of the face, so MUAs can clearly see what they’re doing, without bad lighting interfering.

Ring lights are portable and couldn’t be easier to set-up, which is why makeup artists can’t do without them. They simply pop them in their bag and carry them to each client ready for their transformation. The Illuminateme LED Ring Light is popular amongst hair and beauty artists, as well as makeup enthusiasts, for the bright, even lighting it provides.

Which lighting should you avoid?

The best MUAs know which conditions to avoid for application. If you don’t want any makeup faux-pas, stay away from the following:

  • Fluorescent lights: No one looks good in fluorescent lighting. It’s overly cool and overly bright, which can cause you to overcompensate for a lack of colour in the form of too much foundation or bronzer.
  • Yellow lights: Yellow lighting makes you look tired and unwell, no matter how refreshed you’re feeling. In an attempt to conceal pimples and dark circles, this can lead to too much powder or concealer.
  • Rosy lights: Rosy lighting is a real confidence boost, as it can make you look healthy and - well - rosy. This sounds great, but it can mean you miss areas that need extra attention, and this becomes clear in natural lighting.
  • Downlighting: Ensure lighting is evenly projected onto the face, or it will create shadows and circles where there aren’t any, and really emphasise wrinkles. Again, this can lead to over-doing it on certain makeup products.

  • Enhance your makeup skills like the pros when you use the best lighting for makeup applications. Browse the collection from Etoile and level-up your makeup game.