Ring Lights: Are They Worth the Hype?

Ring Lights: Are They Worth the Hype?

Ring lights are certainly having their moment in the...spotlight. Deemed the “biggest YouTube beauty secret”, this equipment took centre stage at a huge Las Vegas event run by Benefit in 2016, where 90 influencers were in attendance and all were allocated their own ring light to experiment with.

A ring light is a circular type of lighting that’s been a secret weapon for YouTube’s royalty for a while now, and is beginning to gain recognition amongst just about anyone that takes photos with their smartphone. Simply clip your phone to the light for an instant glow that blurs any flaws.

Are you wondering if a ring light is worth the hype? Is it time for you to jump on the beauty bandwagon and raise your selfie game? We think so. Here’s why ring lights are taking over the industry right now.

They eliminate shadows

The design of the ring light creates an even illumination across the face which cleans away any shadows - even those ones under the eyes that make you look tired. The balanced light makes it ideal for makeup application and flawless-looking selfies.

They allow you to shoot around the clock

YouTubers often like to shoot their videos next to big windows to allow a pour of natural light to illuminate their subject. The problem there is that you can’t always rely on natural lighting and if you want to shoot at night time or on an overcast day, it’s difficult. Ring lights provide perfect lighting in any scenario and are a good alternative to natural light.

They’re multi-use with a wide potential of possibilities

Though originally developed for dental applications, the ring light is now more widely-known for the advantages it offers influencers and photographers, especially in the beauty industry. Its unique features make it ideal for a range of commercial applications, including:

  • Macro photography: The perfectly balanced lighting style of the ring light enables the user to produce high-quality photography without the expenses usually associated with a professional shoot.
  • Generate colour effects: Innovative photographers are utilising the versatility offered by the ring light. When you switch out the white bulbs with coloured ones, or apply a coloured gel, you can create your own colour washes for a unique effect.
  • Professional video production: Ring lights have the ability to create dramatic but professional results for video. By producing the coveted outline of your subject, as well as that halo result in the eye, it’s a low-cost way to get it right every time.

  • They eliminate the need for multiple light sources

    Traditionally, photographers have had to carry an entire kit around with them to get their desired effect. Softboxes and umbrellas are bulky, and a range of different types of equipment is needed to create different looks.

    With the ring light, that’s often all you need, since they’re adjustable for brightness and angles. They’re simple to set up - even for beginners - and are light and compact enough to carry around with you.

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