The #1 Must-have Organiser for Every Beauty Room

Must-have Organiser for Every Beauty Room

If you’re anything like us, your bedroom and bathroom will be overflowing with makeup products and this lack of organisation is making it difficult to keep track of your cosmetics. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a designated dressing room where all your transformations happen, it’s easy to lose control, meaning some of your products go to waste and you begin to resent your getting-ready routine!

It could be time to take steps and reclaim your beauty room. With one simple product (that we can’t live without!), you can keep your makeup beautifully stored in one place. Read on to find out our #1 beauty organiser and some tips for keeping it organised.

The Étoile Collective Beauty Box

Our beauty boxes are flying off our shelves and making their way to your shelves at home - and for good reason! If you only buy one makeup organiser this year, make it this one.

Both our Classic Beauty Box and Ultimate Vanity Glam Beauty Box are loved by beauty enthusiasts and professional makeup artists around the world. Consisting of cute, handy drawers, these boxes are made of transparent, durable acrylic for long-lasting use and perfect visibility.

Our tiered boxes are topped off with stylish crystal knobs for a touch of flair in your beauty room. Fitting all different kinds of makeup - think everything from large palettes, to lipsticks, foundations, lotions and more - you won’t believe the vast storage space these boxes afford!

For more information about how Australia’s most glamorous beauty box is set to be your saviour when it comes to cosmetics storage and organisation, check out this video.

Carry out a makeup purge

Are you brave enough to get a little ruthless when it comes to your makeup collection? You’ll never get truly organised if you’re clinging onto expired makeup. Not only is it bad for your skin, it’s taking up valuable space in your bathroom, bedroom or vanity room.

To keep on top of your products, make a note of the date you bought something, whether that’s using a marker pen on the product itself or on a printed sheet. Stop clinging on to old eyeshadow palettes you don’t use anymore but get you feeling nostalgic! Instead, make space in your beauty box for the items you’re currently obsessing over.

Organise your beauty box by product type

Some beauty fanatics in our Étoile Collective community like to organise their products by brand, which is understandable, especially when packaging from brands like Benefit is just built to be collectible! We find that makeup application is easier when we group our cosmetics by type, which is exactly how the beauty boxes are designed. So, you can keep all your powders, your highlighters and your lip glosses together for simpler selection while you’re getting ready.

Store your cosmetics away from sunlight

Now that all your favourite items are safely grouped together, it’s time to think about where to keep your beauty box. Ideally, you should keep cosmetics away from direct sunlight or heat, which can cause damage and shorten their shelf life.

It’s important to protect the colour in pigmented powdered products such as blushes and eyeshadows, and UV rays in the sun can impact the formula, causing colours to fade over time. Similarly, lipsticks that have too much contact with the sun run the risk of melting, so store your beauty box away from windows if possible.

Refresh your cosmetics collection with our best-selling beauty boxes for ultimate makeup storage, however extensive your kit may be!