The 5 Major Differences between a Traditional Ring Light and the Multi-Glow Duo Light

The 5 Major Differences between a Traditional Ring Light and the Multi-Glow Duo Light

You have always had your heart set on a traditional ring light. Your friends have one, the makeup artists you watch have one, your local hair salon has one. Heck, at this stage, your dog might even have one. But lately, you’ve started seeing this funky new light with 2 arms. At first, you thought nothing of it. Then it appeared on your Instagram feed more and more often. Now you think they’re pretty cool. And you’re losing sleep wondering what’s better? What should I get?

1. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility

With the flexibility of the double arms, it’s now easier than ever to counter out any unwanted shadows, or uneven lighting. If your subject is long or narrow, the flexible arms allow you to cast an illumination to 2 positions.

 2. Increased stability

Weight wise, the ring light is heavier than the head of the Multi-Glow Duo Light. This means that when tilted (for your flat lays or otherwise), there will be an increased chance that your ring light topple over if the tripod legs aren’t set up correctly to support the extra weight.

 3. Charging your phone

One of those people whose phone is always dying? Well now you can create content whilst charging your phone with the inbuilt USB port on the Multi-Glow Duo Light.

 4. After the brightest light?

The Multi-Glow Duo Light is around 10% brighter than a traditional ring light, with similar temperature controls. Too bright? Both lights are fully dimmable if you’re after a stronger / weaker light source.

5. For makeup artists, lash and brow technicians

Does your job require detailed work (particularly over esthetician beds) where a bright and precise light will make all the difference? If yes, the Multi-Glow Duo Light will be your new best assistant that offers an increased professional aesthetic (would you rather wave a straight bar whilst your client is lying down or a huge circle?).

Don't get us wrong - we will always be huge fans of the 18" Ring Light which remains a highly recommended product if you're after a light source that will remain put most of the time. However, if you're seeking something more versatile, flexible and rely on a lighting source, the Multi-Glow Duo Light may be the answer.

Now, let's get glowing babes! If you have any questions or need further help, you may reach us via the live chat on our website. Or shoot us an email:

Love, the team at Etoile Collective. X