Tips to Build the Best Starter Kit for Makeup Artists

Tips to Build the Best Starter Kit for Makeup Artists

Launching a makeup career starts with its fair share of investments and it can leave you feeling a little lost...What should I buy for my starter kit? Do I need an extensive inventory or can I start small?

The truth is, you will need a fairly substantial set of cosmetics to accommodate your clients’ needs, but if you’re smart, you can ensure you’re covering the essentials and are well-prepared to go be creative, build beautiful looks and make an income at the same time.

Check out our tips on building the best starter kit for makeup artists.

Consider the type of business you want to run

Most makeup artists specialise in a particular niche. For example, one that works with models for high-fashion runway shows, carnivals or other performances would need an extensive array of highly-pigmented colours and glitter. An MUA that mostly works at weddings would need more subtle colours with a selection of quality foundation and powder for the perfect tone match for every bride.

Think about where your skills lie and the type of look you enjoy creating, then choose your starter products based on that. Do your research and don’t settle for low-quality products just because you like the price tag - they could wear off quickly and leave you with a string of annoyed clients!

Palettes are your best friend

Every client has a different skin tone and their own preference when it comes to eye, lip and cheek shades, so you’ll need to be able to provide the look they love. Opt for palettes rather than individual items, which will provide a bigger range of shades and a better value for money. Urban Decay, NARS and M.A.C all have an awesome range of eyeshadow palettes.

Grab your starter beauty case

Your beauty case will hold your pride and joy; your cosmetics collection! Étoile Collective has beauty case bundles to suit a range of budgets and stock sizes, that are portable enough to take anywhere and have all the compartments you could wish for - and more!

Our range of PRO makeup essential travel kit has mix-and-match options to choose from, so you can build your own tailored collection of luggage to suit your cosmetics. For the ultimate kickstart for your makeup career, our PRO Artist Starter Kit comes with essential cases for short trips and longer overseas jobs. We’ve even thrown in an 18” LED ring light for times when a client’s lighting isn’t up to scratch!

Buy in bulk

As a business, you can take advantage of the savings available when you buy wholesale goods. Make sure you’re making a good decision when it comes to buying in bulk as not all deals will save much money. Since makeup generally has a short shelf life, you don’t want to over-buy and have to throw anything away.

Instead, think about buying your disposable products in large quantities. You’ll always need makeup brushes, cotton buds and sponges, so stock up to ensure you don’t run out and grab some great deals.

You’ll find a range of solutions for the budding makeup artist on Étoile Collective, so shop around or get in touch with our team and we can help you curate the perfect starter kit.