12 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

12 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

This article was first published in Cosmopolitan on Oct. 5, 2023

Are we the only ones who thought that by the time we were fully functioning adults we’d have the Pinterest-level makeup vanity of our middle school dreams? Willing to bet you too thought you’d be recreating all of the best soft-glam makeup looks on the daily alongside your incredible set-up. And then… we actually became adults, and discovered that having a Hollywood light-up mirror is kinda impractical and rarely works with our space. Luckily, cheaper, even cuter options exist in 2023. There’s a mirror for every space, from wall-mounted mirrors to magnifying mirrors to, yup, even car visor mirrors.

So whether you're looking for a light-up mirror to help you get really good eyebrows, or to stare intensely at your blackheads (hey, hands off!), we gotchu covered below with 12 of the best lighted makeup mirrors for every single vibe/purpose/vanity space, below.

Best Luxe Vanity Aesthetic

Etoile Hollywood SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror Tall

If a legit light-up vanity mirror is your goal, try this minimalist, vintage-esque mirror that uses 12 big LED bulbs to fully light your face like the superstar you are.