This Vanity Case Went Viral on TikTok, and I Totally Get Why

This Vanity Case Went Viral on TikTok, and I Totally Get Why

This article was first published in Popsugar on Mar. 14, 2024

When 2024 started, I made a vow to myself to get my shit together. I made big plans, like getting my love life on track (which some might consider an impossible feat). Still, I committed to doing smaller things, like finally cleaning out my old makeup products and organizing my cabinet that has long been neglected.

Typically, when I decide to start decluttering my makeup, the first thing I want to do is buy a bunch of stuff to make it "easier." There's nothing I love more than a trip to The Container Store and a big purchase of organizational "tools." However, this time around, I told myself that I was going to stick with what I already had and not buy anything new — until I saw the Étoile Collective Duo Vanity Case ($100). The organizer has gone viral on TikTok, and although I didn't fully understand the hype at first, now that I own one, I completely get it.

How to Use the Étoile Collective Duo Vanity Case

You can use this case to store makeup, skin care, or both (or TBH, whatever your little heart desires). However, the brand does note that the lining is not resistant to skin-care products like oils. I personally like to use the top compartment to store my eyeshadow palettes and mascaras and the bottom compartment to house my larger makeup items like my foundations and liquid blushes. I store my makeup brushes in the area above the larger compartment, but you could also store lip pencils or eyebrow pencils in that area.